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The 2021 F-150 Raptor will continue to use the traditional FORD grille thanks to these new spy photos!

These photos refute the idea that the third-gen Raptor will have a toned down front grille. On the contrary this bold front end will match the Ram Rebel TRX.

The latest prototype has its overall grille covered in white mesh, but now the majority of the grille’s center crossbar visible beneath it is missing the layer of graphic camo that covers the rest of the truck’s front- and rear-ends. Including the pass-through holes allowed by the “O” and the “D” are thoroughly visible


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Looks great.
Fortunately regular F-150's get some bold upgrades to the front fascia as well, maybe enough that folks will be less inclined to throw on a Raptor grille on their lower trim F-150.
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