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PowerTorque0-60 MPHRange
Hummer EV Ed.11,000 hp*11,500 lb-ft3.0 sec350+ mi
Tesla Cybertruck??2.9 sec500+ mi
Rivian R1T750 hp829 lb-ft3.0 sec400+ mi
Bollinger B2614 hp668 lb-ft4.5 sec200 mi
Ford F-150 Hybrid430 hp570 lb-ft?700 mi

PayloadBed LengthTowingG.Clearance.
Hummer EV Ed.1?5 ft?16 in
Tesla Cybertruck3,500 lbs6.5 ft14,000 lbs16 in
Rivian R1T1,760 lbs4.6 ft11,000 lbs14.5 in
Bollinger B25,000 lbs6 ft7,500 lbs15-20 in
Ford F-150 Hybrid2,210 lbs6.5 ft12,700 lbs9.4 in

Hummer EV Ed.1$112,595
Tesla Cybertruck$69,900
Rivian R1T$69,000
Bollinger B2$125,000
Ford F-150 Hybrid$43,485

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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