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2023 HDPP build questions

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Hello all,

First, thank you for the existence of this forum. I have found it to be immensely helpful in helping guide my decision making. Alas, I have a few lingering questions before placing my order.

I will be ordering a 2023 Supercrew 4x4 5.0 HDPP with max tow package in the XL trim (only available trim for 2023). I am having difficulty understanding any contraindications when mixing different packages. From what I have gleaned through these forums it seems that the HDPP and Max tow are a natural fit together. I am still deciding about adding the Fx4 package. I'm not interested in the "is it worth it" debate, but rather what am I actually getting that isn't already covered by the Max Tow and HDPP? If the HDPP comes with stiffer springs in the front and rear (?) would I get "downgraded" to softer springs by adding Fx4, as in, would adding FX4 take away any of the structural components of the HDPP? Also, are there any omnipotent forscan experts out there that can verify if hill descent control and rock crawl mode can be added after market with the 2023 model? It seems that all of the information I can find about adding these features are from 2020 and earlier.

I'm also considering the snow plow prep package. I will not be using a snow plow but I am interested in any hardware improvements that come with it. In current Super Duties and F150s in years past this package also gives you a heavier duty alternator and stiffer front springs which I am interested in. Also, would anything in the snow plow prep package interfere with other packages as described above?

Given a hypothetical build of HDPP, Max Tow, Snow Plow Prep, FX4 how does Ford go about choosing the suspension components for the build? Or is each package mutually exclusive?
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