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Any thoughts on Bed Extender?

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Planning to try this item Genuine Ford Bed Extender - ML3Z-99286A40-A | Levittown Ford for business purposes. My wife started a small garden where Plantitas can buy a variety of plants. She's currently using my f-150 for delivery purposes and suggestedthe bed extender idea.

Any cons? Or any other alternatives? - I'm totally against this idea but that's my WIFE.
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Welcome @shazee! How come you're against the bed extender?

This video might help you out on what it's like living with the OEM bed extender.

After rolling the tonneau cover back or crawling on my belly to retrieve items that skidded to the front enough times I went with one. I use it more to the inside than I have used it to the outside. Mine is the AMP Research extender. They make a couple different styles, but I don't remember what the one I have is called.

I pulled it off my old truck and added it to my new truck. It didn't add resale and after having it I can't imagine being without it. Even when I load up the back end for trips I keep it in there and work around it. In the picture the front 2 totes are winter weight and the back tote I keep in there to hold items from rolling around.


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