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Ford F-150 Electric Is Now Testing In Integrated Prototype Form

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According to Ford Authority, the electric F-150 recently began testing in integrated prototype form. Meaning that the body, powertrain, and other other components are being tested together.

Back in February of 2019, we saw the initial prototype of the Ford F-150 electric for the first time. However, that prototype was based on the previous, 13th generation F-150 and was just a powertrain mule. Now, Ford Authority has learned from sources familiar with Ford’s product plans that the Ford F-150 electric recently began testing in integrated prototype form, which means that the body, powertrain, and all other components of the forthcoming pickup are being tested together.

Most recently, Ford has released multiple videos showing the prior Ford F-150 electric prototype testing in all sorts of conditions. Over the last several months, we’ve also learned several key details about Ford’s first-ever all-electric F-150, including the fact that it will look very much like an F-150, save for a few key details, as well as the fact that it will utilize its own unique battery chemistry.

The Ford F-150 electric will bear some unique design details, including its front fenders, frunk, and various other sheetmetal components, as well as unique lighting, particularly in the front end, as we can see in Ford’s teaser of the pickup. It will also come with an interesting wheel design featuring large spokes with little space in between them, similar to what we’ve seen on certain Tesla models.
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