A prototype of the electric F-150 was spotted going through tests and we have our first look at the interior and what looks like the infotainment screen of the Mustang Mach-E instead of the Standard F-150 center stack. There are also some good shots of the F-150 EV's suspension.

Not a Standard F-150 Center Stack

From the photos it's clear that this prototype is not using the standard F-150 center stack and 12 inch-screen . Instead it looks like it's using the Mach-E's 15.5-inch tablet-like infotainment screen.

It's not a new concept for Ford as they have been testing a similar screen in the facelifted 2023 Expedition prototypes. It should allow Ford to use the same interface and allow the F-150 EV to have plenty of options for owners to go through in a tech-friendly display.

F-150 EV Rear Suspension

Compared to other F-150 EV mules this prototype has a much different rear suspension setup. The new rear suspension and integrated rear electric motor is a complete clean-sheet design, with no parts-sharing.

Reports suggest that Ford is utilizing the Magna eBeam system, which has the electric motor housed within the differential or rear axle. Initial presentation of the eBeam suggested use with a leaf-spring suspension, but this F-150 is clearly using independent rear suspension with coil springs.

The rear motor is well-protected by a skid plate, does resemble the eBeam system.

New F-150 EV Wheel Designs and Two Tire Specifications

The F-150 EV has been spotted with two new wheel designs and two tire specifications.

One prototype is running on new EV-specific aero wheels wearing General Grabber tires. A different prototype is using 275/65R18 Michelin Primacy tires, with a different wheel design.