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Ford F-150 over sex: Truck owners would sacrifice a lot to keep their pickup

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Ahead of the new F-150's debut, Ford and PSB, an analytics consultant company, polled 2,000 pickup truck owners to see how much they love their trucks.

Some of the results are pretty interesting.
  • 38% of them owned a Ford F-150, while the others owned a competing brand such as Chevrolet, Ram or Toyota
  • 54% men and 46% women
  • 82% said they'd give up a music streaming service before their truck.
  • 79% said they'd give up alcohol before their truck
  • 71% said they'd ditch coffee before their truck
  • 47% said they'd ditch their mobile phone before their truck
  • 44% declared they'd become a vegetarian before losing their truck
  • 38% said they'd stop having sex before their truck
  • 15% said they have a tattoo of their truck
  • 94% said they've used their truck to help others, and 34% use their pickup weekly to provide assistance.

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