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It's only available in California and there are caveats.

"To start, the big savings is only available in California, so East Coasters are out of luck. Further limiting the deal’s appeal is that it’s only applicable to the XLT trim, which starts at $35,050, excluding the $1,605 destination charge. But there are even more restrictions. The discount only applies to trucks that have been in stock for 61 days or more and considering the truck’s must-have status, that could be difficult. Then again, Ford wouldn’t arbitrarily offer the discount, either.

On top of all that, the deal requires a vehicle trade-in to qualify that’s a 1999 model or newer. The discount is only available through May 3, so interested customers should act fast because it’ll likely be a bit challenging to find a model that ticks off every Ford requirement. The scarcity is further exasperated by the ongoing semiconductor shortage that has forced Ford to build pickups with missing features, with unfinished pickups waiting for parts."

So while it may not be for everyone interested in buying a new F-150, it can work out for a segment of folks in California.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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