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How to buy the new F-150

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If anyone is looking to buy the new F-150 here's the steps you need to take to do so. It's pretty straight forward but it's good advice for anyone looking to buy for the first time.

Find a dealer you want to deal with and buy from.

Work with a rep from the dealer to spec a F-150 out for you. I.e. build the one you want to order.

Ask to see the complete paper, it will have different numbers on it but the most important ones are:
  1. MSRP window sticker
  2. Invoice
  3. A term called holdback
  4. Also has x plan price if you are eligible.
At that point take the invoice number
  • subtract $1,000 from it
  • subtract any applicable rebates ask what they are with your zip code (May be none but at least ask)

That's where you start negotiating.

You tell them that you want to pay ____ for the truck. Things are better when both sides know where each other stands.

When you reach an agreed price this is what happens next.
Notes: No they will not be making tons of money on you...
They get to keep a local valued service customer
A skinny front end deal is better than no deal at all..

Be prepared to walk out the door if necessary and keep a copy of the order for reference, it is not a closely held secret eyes only document...all dealers have it.

When the price is agreed upon on the truck...Next

The trade in (Or private sale if you think you can get more)

Shop it on places like Carvana or autotrader. If you want to get a value for your car, Carmax is a good place.

The only thing that matters is the trade difference the actual $ you have to pay out of pocket for the vehicle.

Yes I have heard _ did not give the discount but gave me 3k more for my trade, well they got it from the discount that they did not give you

When you have agreed to a trade difference between the sale price and the trade in then you can begin paperwork with sigs on both ends (you and the Dealership)

Remember with a trade there are 2 transactions you selling a car to the dealer and the dealer selling you a car...Unless is a special car they're not doing you any favors buy taking your trade in.
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