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Located cut wire behind front bumper

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I have a 2016 F150 with a 2.7 eco boost xlt. While under the vehicle today, I located a cut wire on the driver's side near the top of the bumper. The wire is black with three wires inside of it. I followed it the best I could, appears well tucked into the bumper and quickly lose it when it goes behind the opening in the bumper.

Anyone have any idea what this would would be for? Couple of other points: this wire appears heavy duty with no black plastic around it, another wire photographed has two clips which seem to not line up with anything and I believe is the block heater wire. I do not believe these wires one one I. The same but not positive. Owned the vehicle for 2 years with no issues.

Looking forward to any input
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Hey, did you ever figure out what this was for? I found something similar today...
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I think so. I spoke with my local dealership who ran the vin. They confirmed the old plug in heater was “disabled” do to a recall. They suspected it was “disabled” by cutting the wire.

When Ford came up with a fix a new wire / heater was installed. This is what they suspected without looking at it. I was satisfied with that. Hope this helps.
After more inspection today that’s exactly what it is. I ripped it out and found both ends cut. Thanks for your response btw.
After more inspection today that’s exactly what it is. I ripped it out and found both ends cut. Thanks for your response btw.
I see you have the front bumper off. Does it have to be removed to take the wire out. I tried my damndest to follow it and was unable to.
Bumper doesn’t need to come off. My wire had a clip on top of the frame. I couldn’t get to it. I then just pulled on the wire until it let go and ripped it out.
I see that you have a question about the wires you found under your 2016 F150. By examining the vehicle information number, or VIN, Ford's service department may be able to provide additional information regarding the recall history and any wiring modifications that have been made. VIN-specific service bulletins, recalls, and updates are frequently recorded by Ford. If you go to Ford's official service center or VIN decoder, enter your F150's 17-digit VIN, use the recall lookup tool, and log in, you can find out more about why those wires were cut, whether they were replaced, and if there are any problems that haven't been fixed.
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