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Motor problems 2.7L

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Had truck built the way I wanted . Waited 6 months for build . Finally got truck - 4 months , 7,500 miles - it dies . No explanation from dealer on why . Dealer says I need new motor and they put request in to Ford . Been a week and a half - and have heard nothing . Gettin pissed . Anyone have suggestions on what steps I can take/who I can contact - and what I should be asking for/receiving from Ford ? Thanks in advance .
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You can try contacting the dealer again if that doesn't help to look for a used motor. I had a similar problem on a Ford 5.9, I found the motor at a car disassembly. I also replaced all consumables and filters, by the way, there are good options of Oil Filter for 5.9 Cummins for powerful cars, now everything works stably
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