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New 4.0 Sync acting up

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First timer. Got lucky the other day and found a 2022 Lariat V-8 5.0 on the lot a local dealer. Had to replace my rusting 2013 Platinum. Found out power running boards don’t do well in salty,snowy MN. The salesman couldn’t get the Ford Pass app to work with my phone After 20 minutes of trying. He said “hm, I don’t know what the deal is. “. I had a tonneau cover put on and mentioned it to the service guys. They said when you get home hook it up to Wi-Fi and do the necessary updates. Seemed a bit odd being it was new. Got home and connected to my wifi. Went to settings looking for the vehicle update page. Found it. It did not give me the option to set up automatic or scheduled updates. I called the Ford 800 number for help. She was stumped. Eventually, she had me hold in the volume and right seek button for a few seconds. It reset the system. The options to set up software updates appeared In settings like it should. Seemed like a step in the right direction. I checked the next day, and they were gone again. This isn’t a huge deal to me, but I’d like all the features to work on a brand new vehicle. Long post. Any thoughts, feel free to chime in. Thanks, Sam
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Tough question i guess. Glad I’m one of the few to have these issues. I’ll ask elsewhere. Have Aggie weekend.
think adding SeaFoam to the gas might help?
I can't help with your issue but have found the sync 4 basic system in my 2021 to be very glitchy. Latest thing is the speed adjusted volume stopped working, previously it has reset itself driving down the road, lost phones. Also recently while listening to any audio if the phone rings it gives a split second of mega high volume.

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Had the same issue when I first got it my 2022. Worked the first day. Then the system on the truck did an update and didn't work the second day. Fixed it by doing a factory reset on the truck side. Then set it up again and haven't had an issue with it for the last 4 months.
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