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New member with engine question

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Hi, new member and learning the site. Looks like mostly NEW F150s but I think I’ll learn a lot.
My question is about how to tell when an engine was made. I have a 1998 f150 4x4 and what looks to be a new engine. It’s to clean to be 24 years old. I was told and read that there are stamps and tags with the build code.
This is a 4.6 Triton engine and I found one tag/plate on the passenger side of the engine towards the front.
I’m hoping this is the numbers I need to determine the “born on” date and someone that can decipher it for me and if it’s the wrong tag/plate,point me in the right direction to the correct stamping.
The code I have is::
24 5(or s)73 pF-FSAE-6098-822A
Thanks to whomever helps me out..
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