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Ranking Pickup Tailgate Features

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Car and Driver decided to rank the tailgate features between Chevy, Ford, GMC, Honda, and Ram to see which is the best.

Unfortunately they ranked the Ford 5th because according to them they haven't made many changes since 2009.

Ford's been building Transformer tailgates for a long time, but it hasn't made major moves lately. So its drop-down step and folding grab-handle system, so innovative in 2009 that GM got deeply insecure and commissioned an ad with Howie Long making fun of it, looks awfully familiar here in 2020. Not to say that Ford's tailgate step (a $375 option) isn't useful, but these days you need more than that to, uh, step to the competition.

Here's how they ranked the other trucks:

5. Ford F-150 and Super
4. Chevy Silverado
3. Honda Ridgeline
2. Ram 1500
1. GMC Sierra

By the way, has anyone tried out GMC's MultiPro tailgate? I'm curious if it's as good as people say it is.
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