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The 2021 Ford F-150 Is So Stuffed With New Tech & Gadgets That Even Tesla Owners Are Impressed!

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TFL is very impressed with all the tech that the F-150 comes with!

Ford’s all-new 2021 F-150 is far more than a styling update.
Tommy takes us on an extremely detailed walkaround of the 2021 Ford F-150 – from the tailgate to the hood, and everything in-between. This is more than an “all-new” truck, it’s a statement from Ford that they can dominate the tech game. On top of that, it is the most important vehicle from Ford as it is their best seller by a large margin. They need to get this right.

We wanted to do a deep dive into this all-new truck. The sheer amount of tech details are almost overwhelming, so we opted to dedicate a video covering all of them together. We know that many of you are interested in the minutia, and that’s what Tommy digs into. Here are a few highlights…

Multifunction tailgate
The tailgate and bed have several party tricks. There are a variety of ways to open and close the tailgate – which includes using your knee. It still has the step-assist integrated with the tailgate, which now has a power open and close option.

ProPower Onboard
In the hybrid F-150, there are four 110 outlets along with a beefy 240 volt (30-amp) in the bed. From the main screen, you can control the system, which will be helpful for those who need real power at a work or camp-site. Tommy compares its capability to our large Honda gas generator.

All-new, multi-configurable seats
The new F-150 has an all-new interior, which includes optional new seats that do a lot more than support tushies. They are adjustable in a variety of new ways including a full recline that fully flattens the surface to become a day-bed. Also, there are new, unique materials and design ideas flowing through the cockpit.

Utilitarian interior touches
Ford made the interior of our F-150 hybrid into a mobile office. You can fold the center armrest out to make a work table. This can be done once you fold the gear lever away with a push of a button. This gives you a completely flat surface. Tommy shows us tons of storage areas, cubbies and outlets, along with a secret glovebox.

Ford SYNC 4
Tommy points out the high-resolution, 12-inch screen equipped with Ford’s newest SYNC 4. This is the best SYNC system yet, and we get to see the features and witness the function of the system.

2021 F-150 Drive settings
This hybrid came as a full 4×4, which includes 4WD-low and a locking rear differential. On top of that, we get to check out a variety of drive modes. It also has the Pro-trailer Assist system which gives you a rotary knob to control how the truck backs a trailer. Ford pioneered this tech, and this is the second generation of the system.

There is a LOT more and, in this video, Tommy enthusiastically takes you through all of the goodies!
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