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Which type of tailgate do you prefer?

  • a multifunction-type tailgate

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  • a simpler, more traditional unit

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This Is Why The 2021 F-150 Doesn’t Have Multifunction Tailgate

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Why? Ford's F-150 engineering manager Dawn Piechock said that “What we saw from our customers is that there is a lot of usage on and around the tailgate. In the feedback we received, usability was a key element, and we wanted to help enable pain points and what [customers] were using tailgates for. Many customers used tailgate for projects, whether it construction or DIY, working, helping with community. These improvements made sense compared to a different or more radical tailgate.”
I personally like the fact Ford is keeping it simple. But what about everyone else? Could the 2021+ F-150 benefit from a multifunction approach?
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I think the F-150 can benefit for more functionality in the tailgate. Not as nuts as the Ram's barn doors, but kind of what GMC has done with the Sierra.
It looks like Ford is changing its tone about the multi-function tailgate.

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