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UAW says Ford not following COVID-19 protocols at F-150 plant

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This is some damning news if this is true, despite still being in the middle of a pandemic, UAW is saying that Ford is not following COVID-19 protocols at the F-150 plant.

Kansas City UAW posted its complaint on its Facebook page. In the complaint it says:

"We are in the process of writing safety complaints that will be elevated to address all failures of the company to follow COVID-19 protocols and to provide safe working conditions for our members. The failure to consistently follow the plant COVID-19 screening protocol, Social distancing protocol, Process coach start-up cleaning verification protocol that includes the cleaning/sanitizing of Tools, palm buttons, parts racks, parts bins, fixtures, tables, cabinets, carts, station board, OIS Sleeves, stationary dunnage and outside the workstation protocol that includes table, chairs, cabinets, water stations, ice machines, lockers, floors, tops, and side of partitions, light switches, door handles, A/C Control Switches) Turnstiles, Entrances, Stairs, Handrails, Breakrooms, Restrooms, Locker rooms, Smoking areas, Doors, Counters, Desks, Tables, Ice machines, Drinking fountains, Eyewash stations, Trash bins, and all high contact points has not been followed by KCAP management in Ford's own process."

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