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Up Close With The New 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid Pickup

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An editor at Clean Technica shared his thoughts on the new F-150 Hybrid:

The new 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid is something of an enigma. It’s got some “green” tech, sure, but it’s not really “green,” unless you compare it to the other high-torque V8 monsters from Ford’s lineup. It is definitely an improvement, fuel and emissions-wise, from Ford’s old V10 and Powerstroke diesels, and that is very clearly something when you talk about a vehicle like the Ford F-150, which is an economy in itself. Indeed, the Ford F-series trucks generate more annual revenue than industrial powerhouses like Apple and Samsung, and if those companies reduced emissions by 5% or whatever, that would be news. Which makes this F-150 Hybrid news, I guess.

I still think that’s the wrong approach, though, and Ford has it right. Electricity isn’t just greener and more responsible than internal combustion — it is indisputably better. The hybrid trucks Ford makes and sells over the next few years will make that point, and the electric F-150s and Rivians and Hummers and, yes, Cybertrucks of the world will hammer the final nails into the internal combustion coffin for good.

That’s just my take, though — what’s yours? Do you think Ford is playing a very smart round of chess here with this un-badged hybrid, or are they taking the cowards’ way out, and building this as some sort of CAFE compliance vehicle? Scroll on down to the comments and let us know.
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